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Our Approach..

Master Ding Academy follows a traditional approach to passing on the authentic Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan.
The emphasis is on building health, power and an understanding of internal energy through the study of Tai Chi Chuan's concepts and principles. As a member, you will benefit from the unique skills of Master Ding and his instructors, who all work hard to make learning effective and fun.
Beginners and experienced practitioners welcome. 

New Members..

If you are new to tai chi then the Beginner class is a good way to get a flavour of tai chi to find out if it’s for you. You’ve probably heard a lot of about tai chi, but there’s no better way to discover the art than to get involved. For those who have an existing background either in tai chi or another art, then you can build on that experience and continue your development with the Master Ding Academy. Master Ding promotes the highest standards of teaching throughout the organisation. Click HERE for info on the Beginner Course



Health Aspects..

Tai Chi Chuan’s association with health is perhaps the most well-known. The principles and concepts behind the slow relaxed fluid movements of Tai Chi Chuan are central to its healing ability.
Tai Chi Chuan has a multifaceted approach to health. Its medicinal purposes go beyond the treatment of illness taking also a role in disease prevention. Tai Chi may at first seem only to work meticulously on the exterior compartment. Its precise and particular use of muscles, bones and joints serve to enhance tone and strength as well as improve balance, coordination and posture. However the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan are not only on the superficial musculoskeletal component and go beyond simply developing fitness. Click HERE for more....

In Tai Chi, meditation largely takes the form of Chi Kung and is focused on the training of consciousness and the development of the vital energy Chi. Chi Kung is the second prong of the triad that is traditional Tai Chi Chuan. It is said that whilst the Tai Chi Chuan forms give Chi energy direction and speed, it is Chi Kung that is essential to stimulate, concentrate and develop the Chi in the first place.
Apart from Chi Kung, we also used various form practices as a system of meditation. When a form is performed accurately, it radiates an image of perpetual motion within a circular frame. Practitioners are deeply engaged with their practice, unwavered by any distractions and are in a state of moving meditation - mind, body and spirit in perfect balance and harmony.
Martial Aspects..

Hidden within every Tai Chi movement is a logical and practical combat application.  It is an effective potent internal kung fu system. Tai Chi Chuan’s origin stems from the martial arts and is well known as effective potent internal Kung Fu or martial arts system. It is well recognised in the East for its potent martial abilities. Click HERE to read more...

Chi Kung (QiGong)..

Chi Kung is loosely translated as 'Breath' or 'Energy' (Chi/Qi) Work (Kung/Gong). The style of Chi Kung promoted by the Academy is Zhang Zhuan Chi Kung (Standing Chi Kung). This consists of 8 positions which are held for increasing amounts of time in order that the student builds a strong energy foundation for training in Tai Chi and for strengthening overall health. Click HERE to read more...














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1st class is FREE - Beginners welcome